Monday, 1 July 2013

Color Profiles


Time RequiredVery Short (≤ 1 day)
Material AvailabilitySpecialty Item: Requires Adobe Photoshop or similar photo editing software
CostVery Low (under $20)
SafetyNo issues


Did you know that the same digital photo you see on a computer monitor may not look as good in print? When it comes to color profiles, there are a lot of options: RGB, CMYK, grayscale and indexed color! How do you choose the right color profile for the job?


In this experiment you will investigate how different color profiles combine colors to produce an image.


Sara Agee, Ph.D., Science Buddies


What: Color Profile
Where: At home, with a computer
When: Anytime
Dependent Variable: Quality of image
Independent Variable: The image
Constant: Computer monitor
Hypothesis: If the color profile of an image is in RGB, it will look nice in a computer monitor.

Research Questions

1, How do I set the color profile on the image?
2, What type of image should be used?
3. What kind of monitor should be used?
4. Which image-editing software is the best for this experiment?
5. Why does the image quality change with the color quality?
6. How do I choose the most suitable color profile for the image?

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